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Progenesis is a San Diego-based company founded in 2015 that develops and offers non-invasive genetic tests for patients on their family planning journey. We offer a variety of services that can be customized to meet the needs of every patient we serve. The Progenesis team is a motivated group of genetic specialists, researchers, laboratory professionals, and analysts who are passionate about improving our patients' lives. As pioneers in genetic screening technologies, our scientists are constantly pursuing research initiatives to advance our services and expand our understanding of human genetics.
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Comprehensive Panel

485 Autosomal and X-linked Diseases

Avenir® Comprehensive

Neurologic, Cognitive: affecting brain, eyes, or spinal cord, potentially impacting intellectual ability or behavior.

Metabolic, Endocrine: affecting gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, endocrine glands, or reproductive organs.

Circulatory, Respiratory: affecting lungs, heart, blood, or immune system.

Skin, Bones, Muscle: affecting skin, hair, bones, or muscles.

Shortened Life Expectancy: Increased risk of mortality in infancy or childhood. Decreased lifespan resulting from life-threatening complications.

Treatments Available: Most genetic disorders have no cure, but treatments are typically specific to the patient and focus on reducing or managing symptoms.

Our top tier genetic panel is our most inclusive carrier screen, which tests for 485 unique genetic diseases that affect virtually every system in the body. Avenir® Comprehensive assesses your carrier status for 361 autosomal disorders and 124 X-linked conditions.

For X-linked conditions, testing the mother’s DNA is sufficient to evaluate risk of having an affected child. Screening for X-linked disorders is a crucial step for patients opting for an egg donor. If the mother or egg donor is a carrier for an X-linked disease, there is a 50% chance she will pass on her mutated copy of the gene to any of her children. Females who inherit one defective copy will still possess one healthy copy from their father; these female carriers generally exhibit very mild or no symptoms of the disease. However, males who inherit a mutated copy possess no healthy copies of the gene, and will be affected with the disease.

Some inherited disorders affect certain populations more frequently than others. Our Comprehensive panel offers an extensive carrier screening for those of Ashkenazi descent, testing over 30 genes recommended by the Victor Center for the Prevention of Jewish Genetic Diseases.

Avenir® Comprehensive is the premier choice for patients seeking to evaluate their carrier status for genetic disorders.