Welcome to the Progenesis Academy

About Progenesis Academy


Progenesis has always been dedicated to helping others have a healthy family. In recent years Progenesis has helped thousands of individuals and families conceive healthy babies. Currently, the coronavirus pandemic has created a global crisis that has threatened the health of millions and impacted countless fertility treatment cycles across the world. Despite infertility being classified as a disease, fertility treatment continues to be considered as elective. Patients who are desperately trying to start a family were asked to postpone IVF treatment. Our goal is to help change this perception by opening a dialog among fertility professionals and supporting the patient population. 

How Did Progenesis Academy Start

Our aim to create healthy families couldn’t be more vital. Therefore, we have launched the Progenesis Academy to offer informative resources that help keep you up to date on how to manage your own risk, avoid exposure, stay current with the most recent COVID-19 information and how it may affect a patient’s journey to have a family. We are working collaboratively with reproductive health thought leaders as well as those looking to build their family. Progenesis Academy intends to serve as a bridge between IVF practices and patients through COVID-19 awareness and education, support and individuals undergoing fertility treatment.